BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Tettye forrásház Plc.

The Tettye Forrásház Plc. ordered “The complex system of water utility assets inventory of Pécs, coordination of condition survey, water utility evaluation, determine the basis datas for reconstruction planning (technical obsolescent, reproduction cost, etc), to BDL Environmental Ltd. in 2010.

The work carried out as a result of completed consolidated collected operated by the Tettye Forrásház Plc. Water utility primary assets-item survey, settlement of a single database, electricity and energy supply, water network, sewerage system and wastewater treatment plant specialist branches broken down. The database contains a number of objects 87 300 pieces, 50 pieces collected by sector breakdown table. The tables designation for objects (id, name, location, etc), engineering (technical parameters, etc) status (establishment year, life expectancy, obsolescent index, adjusted for obsolescent indicators) and economic (re- production costs, asset value, owner) includes characteristics.

Work from: 20/04/2010

Work out: 10/06/2010.