BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Civil engineering 

One of our main activities is classical civil engineering-de­sign and implementation; within that we specialize in the design and implementation of water utilities.

We carry out the planning and development of the networks point-like, plant -like facilities. We furthermore, often participate in the expansion, modification and reconstruction of existing networks and facilities.  We cleaned approximately 5 Million drinking water and more than 128 Million wastewater so far.

Here you can read about our most important references!


The management of the Dunafin paper manufacturer company decided to implement a new industrial wastewater treatment plant with the hidraulical capacity of 5600 m3/d. The design was carried out with…
Category: municipal wastewater treatment Hydraulic capacity: Q = 1.850 m3/d Biological load: 16 846 PE
Municipal wastewater treatment PURBAN® 15 000 m3 treated water per day 100 000 PE
The wastewater treatment plant of Nagyatád had been renewed during a project part of the Hungarian Environmental and Energy Operative Programme. As a sub-task the septic water receiving and handling…
Municipal wastewater treatment   Hydraulic capacity: Q = 2.100 m3/d Biological load: 17.500 PE