BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Asset evaluation and rolling development planning department

The preservation of the value and good technical state of our water utilities, is not only our common interest but also the legal obligation pursuant to legislation (Act CCIX. 2011, about water utility services) as well. From July 15, 2012 the water utilities and property evaluation is a mandatory annex for all of management contracts, and the entire national water utility infrastructure shall be evaluated no later than 31 December 2019.

The BDL Ltd. plays leading role, both in the public and municipal-owned water utilities asset-evaluation in the last decade. Our company performs asset evaluation since 2007 specifically for water utilities, municipalities responsible for care. During our work, we can rely on technical engineering, economic and asset management experiences of our employees from more decades.


In addition to the asset evaluation activities we participate in many of technical, economic, asset management guidance. We conducted including:

  • due diligence, company evaluation for water utility companies
  • the performance of studies to support asset management decision making, for operators and municipalities responsible for care
  • operating-asset evaluation of service providers, assessment of specific assets, such as evaluation of mine water.


The multi-faceted integrated utility property assessment database – by developing TIKA software and multi-faceted integrated asset evaluation methodology, we set out for our objectives the creation of basic conditions of an effectively sustainable and secure water utility services, as well as a utility management responsible for preservation of value of our water utilities. With the help of TIKA inventory and asset evaluation software it’s possible the effective establishment of an outstanding quality public utility database, insuring thematic queries.


With the experience of asset evaluations performed on about 1,600 settlements by TIKA methodology and software support, we are at the disposal of our clients.


Water Utility Evaluation


With our self-developed, award winning multifaceted Integrated Utilities Assessment Database (TIKA) software we provide a holistic and flexible service.

TIKA software is a fully integrated, complex system especially developed for Asset evaluation. Characteristics of the TIKA software:

  • Input data requirements, possibility of automatic input;
  • Compatibility with other corporate software (Autocad, Excel);
  • Modular structure;
  • Flexibility, customizable;
  • Possibility for improvement;
  • Accessibility, remote desktop connection;
  • Full retrievability, many aspects of output.


Evaluation tasks:

  • Defining the structure of data, establishing on a unified configuration, creating the TIKA basic database,
    • Identifying, defining object groups, technical data: in case of a network:
      • The material, diameter, length
      • Life expectancy
      • Laying depth, soil quality and groundwater levels, quality of flooring, etc.
  • Development of utility base maps (geodetic survey, if necessary), digitizing public utility maps in order to utilize as many geographical info as possible.
  • Defining the technical condition indicators, assessment of depreciation indicators.
  • Calculation of replacement costs of each and every object, based on unit costs.
  • Determination of asset value – utility evaluation, eg. calculate the net present value for each object.
  • Consultancy and support with regards to asset management, water utility tariffs, and CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis) calculations connected to EU projects and funds.


During the evaluation process we cooperate and work closely together with local experts, and water professionals:

  • We deliver training to local experts in the asset valuation methodology and the use of “TIKA” software;
  • We provide support during the evaluation process.