BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Asset evaluation of stormwater drainage and treatment systems

Our company makes designing, surveying and utility asset evaluation projects, related to stormwater drainage and treatment systems, with civil engineer, environmental engineer, land surveying engineer and asset evaluation expert colleagues. Our references include complete design tasks, stormwater management concept plans, and asset evaluation expertise.


The evaluation of stormwater drainage and treatment systems is carried out according to the 2009 EVS (European Valuation Standards) methodology, as well as 1/2002. (Paragraph 8.) hungarian ministerial directive.

In a view of the regulatory requirements, the evaluation of the examined stormwater drainage system carried out with “MIAD” software and obsolescence adjusted replacement cost method.


Based on the asset evaluation we provide relevant information to our clients to define and confirm the real property asset value of the stormwater drainage system, and form stormwater management concepts.