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The drinking water treatment plant in Vietnam has been finished


In Central Vietnam, Quang Binh province the water treatment project has been implemented successfully, the project consisted of a 10 000 m3/day capacity surface water intake point with required screens and pumping station, built on the bank of Rao Nan River which serves as the main water base.


Project team consisted of the main contractor (Vietnamise Hydroproject) and the Hungarian engineers (PureWater Consortium), where Pureco and BDL Ltd. as member of Hungarian Water Cluster have been participated. Last week leaders of start-up colleagues of PureWater Consortium travelled to Vietnam in order to make the fine-tunning and setting of the treatment plant. Quality of the treated water was tested by laboratory measurments and it is our pleasure to report that the system is operating perfectly and according to the desired limits. The participants of the test had been convinced personally about the solution: they tasted the treated water by themselves.
After the setting and start-up works the project management team began to focus on training of the operators. This project was financed by the contribution of EXIM Bank and Vietnamese Ministry of Finance supported by a loand of non-refundable aid.
Members of the project team and the investor and representatives of local authority made discussions and consultations about the second phase of the project (where a 12 000 m3/day capacity water treatment plant is about to erect).
We are proud of the fact that more than as a result of our professiona contribution 100 000 Vietnamese people can drink healthier and clean water.