BDL Környezetvédelmi Kft.

The remediation of the leather factory at Simontornya

As a result of the factory’s 150 years of operation, a large amount of pollutants drained into the ground waters: brine protein, lime and sulfur solutions, solutions containing calcium salt, chromium (VI) and chromium based tanning material, aliphatic hydrocarbons and toxic metals from paints, solvents and treatment agents.


Our company, based on the preparatory studies, licensee plans, field measurements and laboratory experiments, developed a complex water treatment process, created its construction plans, built it and is currently operating the water management system.


Main technical parameters:

  • The amount of contaminated groundwater in total: 232.500 m³
  • The amount of groundwater that is crucial to be purified: 168.200 ³
  • Establishment of 10 extraction wells Q = 500-600 m³/d total capacity
  • 500 m³/day capacity continuously operating water pre-treatment system
  • 4 pieces, in total of 1,934 meters in length, drainleakage system
  • 1,157 m2 infiltration area,
  • 6.94 l/s continuous flow of purified water to infiltrate.


At the border of the remediation area, under the surface, a dam system has been constructed, where from 10 wells they are continuously extracting the groundwater, which is then transported on lines to a central treatment plant, and after the treatment it is released back into the ground through the infiltration system.

As a result of the project, the threat to the nearby water source is neutralized, the people living in and around Simontornya can live in a cleaner environment, and on the remediated area can welcome new businesses thus creating new jobs in the region.


Pollutants Limits Average concentration in raw water  Measure / unit
Arsenic 24 57,5 ug/dm3
Bromine 1000 1540 ug/dm3
Chrom (in total) 100 154 ug/dm3
Nickel 23 23 ug/dm3
Sulphate 875 875 mg/dm3
Nitrate 50 350 mg/dm3
Chloride 1000 2405 mg/dm3
Phospate 15,4 15,4 mg/dm3
Ammonium 5 395 mg/dm3
Natrium 1000 2110 mg/dm3


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