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On Vietnamese waters


BDL participated on a workshop had been organised in Hanoi at the end of May, they introduced its stromwater treatment technologies and products.
The event was co-organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of National Natural Resources and Environment and the Hungarian Water Cluster focusing on „21st century cost-effective solutions in the water industry and water management from Hungary”. With the participation of representatives of the Vietnamese Ministry, the Vietnamese Ambassador of Hungary, management of the Association of Water Supply and Sewage the workshop meant a unique opportunity to share experience, discuss sustainable and innovative water solutions in a business point of view.
In all over 50 registered guests visited the workshop not only from the governmental sector but delegates from water companies, service providers, and consultant firms also took part to get an inside view of Hungarian water related success stories and previous experience between the two countries in terms of water treatment. Hungarian Water Cluster was represented by the management and by 7 member companies as well.
In his welcome speech president of the Hungarian Water Cluster and past-president of European Water Association (EWA), Mr Károly Kovács highlighted challenges the water sector is facing with, he analysed the Hungarian and the European situation in the field of water policy and he also introduced the Cluster and EWA emphasising the benefits of the professional co-operations. Then all Hungarian companies delivered presentations about their innovative products and technologies.

Mustard BEFORE meat!
Presentation of Pureco IDEA was built around drinking and wastewater treatment plus stormwater management. Regarding the fact that all the lakes in Hanoi are extremely polluted because of the untreated waste waters runoff and its harmful effects the participants were interested in our oil and grease separators not only during the workshop but during B2B business meeting as well.

Clean water
Business success of the workshop was cemented with former successful project had been implemented in Central Vietnam, Quang Binh province where the water treatment project has been implemented successfully, the project consisted of a 10 000 m3/day capacity surface water intake point with required screens and pumping station, built on the bank of Rao Nan River which serves as the main water base. Project team consisted of the main contractor (Vietnamise Hydroproject) and the Hungarian engineers (PureWater Consortium), where Pureco and BDL Ltd. as member of Hungarian Water Cluster have been participated.

Significant media attention was focused on Hanoi Water Forum and a number of news were generated.
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The water workshop was only a one-day event but further business discussions and meetings continued during the stay of the delegation in Vietnam. Organisers agreed that the forthcoming water workshop will be organised within the framework of the most significant water related event in the region: the VietWater. The Hungarian Water Cluster and its member companies regularly exhibit on this annual event with the focus of the Hungarian professionalism and experience in the field of water treatment and of sharing the knowledge we have in order to live in a cleaner environment.


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