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ReWater – drinking water treatment container

Currently one out of five people live without access to drinking water. The United Nations predicts that 35% of the world’s population is going to experience water shortages by 2025.

Pureco Ltd. and Budapest Waterworks developed a containerized drinking water treatment unit ready to produce potable water even from wastewater, which is biologically treated.

The system is equipped with the latest technological development operating with Reverse Osmosis technology, installed after suitable physical-chemical pre-treatment.
From the treated water we produce potable water with remineralization: disinfection and replacement of trace elements.
The compact, modular, cost-effective solution is available in container, flexibly used the modules in accordance with local environment and the given task.
ReWater container is easy to install where it is most needed such as high risk areas of water scarcity, contaminated freshwater sources, in case of disaster and havaria, etc.
The Master Unit has been tested in October and November this year in the Central WWTP of Budapest and thanks to the accurate and precise engineering and manufacturing work we can proudly say that from the pre-treated waste water of Central WWTP we were able to produce clean, healthy drinking water!
On the Budapest Water Summit 2016 Expo not only the ReWater container has been exhibited but visitors can taste ReWater as well.
Development of ReWater, after long preparation work, started at the beginning of 2016 as a cooperation between Pureco Ltd. (we were responsible for the technological development), BDL Ltd. (for engineering and development work) and Budapest Waterworks (responsible for manufacturing and logistic), and this award represents the success of our collaboration and hard work.


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